My Goal Is To Bring Qualified Buyers To The Table

Bringing a buyer to the table generally means that you must first "bring them to the house." That is why I employ a combination of effective online and offline marketing strategies. While for some Realtors®, one strategy fits all, I know from experience that buyers come from many sources. To be a truly effective property marketer you must appeal to all sources by using several marketing strategies at once.

There are many marketing methods I employ that go well above and beyond the traditional posting to the MLS, hosting of an open house, placing of standard yard signs and creation of a general home flyer. In my experience, it takes a combination of powerful marketing tools to facilitate a faster closing.
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Aggressive Online Marketing Strategies

My online property marketing strategies are extremely aggressive. Experience has taught me the significance of internet marketing and the value of distributing your property. By collaborating with many diverse listing portals, from Google Base to, to Trulia and Zillow, your property's reach is increased and will be seen not only by local buyers but, those from out of town too.

This ensures that your property receives maximum exposure and is likely to sell quicker and at a higher dollar value. 67% of home buyers come from outside the state. This is an impossible market to penetrate using only a yard sign and local advertising.

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